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Mastering Price Charts on offers a variety of tools to help you analyze prices and trading activity on the platform. In this post, we'll guide you through how to effectively use the Price Charts to make the most of the available tools.

1. Configuring the Chart Display

When you first open a chart on, you'll see a top panel that will help you configure how the price chart is displayed. Let's look at the main features of this panel.

1.1 Trend Lines and Price Channels

The first option on the panel allows you to create trend lines. To do this, select Trend Line, hover your mouse over the desired point on the chart, click the left mouse button, and then draw the line to the next point.

Similarly, you can use horizontal support and resistance lines (Horizontal Line) by simply clicking at the desired level.

1.2 Copying, Deleting, and Modifying Lines

The Copy option allows you to create copies of existing lines. Simply select a line, click on it, and then move it to the desired location. Confirm the change with a left click.

Delete removes the selected line.

Clear All removes all drawn lines on the chart.

Color allows you to change the color of new lines.

2. Choosing the Chart Type

Right next to the line-drawing menu icon, you'll see options that allow you to choose between chart types. Currently, candles are available with intervals ranging from 1 minute to 1 week.

3. Moving Averages

Next, you'll see three check boxes to that will allow you to set moving averages (MA).

To set the intervals, simply click on the corresponding text field and change the values.

4. Bollinger Bands

Also, you can plot Bollinger Bands (BB).

Click on the text field to open the settings window.

5. Additional Display Options

The last 3 check boxes are 3 toggles to display:

Volume – displays trading volumes at the bottom of the chart

Legend – detailed information about each candle

Tracking – displays the mouse position on the chart

Additional Features:

Use the mouse wheel to zoom the chart horizontally in and out.

Hold the left mouse button over the price values to change the vertical scale.

Hold the left mouse button and move the chart horizontally.

Quick tip: double-click will reset the chart to its original state.

Now that you're familiar with the Price Chart fundamentals on, you're ready to start analyzing the market and making more informed trading decisions. Don't forget to experiment and customize the charts to suit your needs.



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